Why did we do it..?

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"Can you do this gig? Can you do that gig? What about the rehearsal?"

All too often, the possibility of a gig starts with one phone call from the venue and then it’s up to you to get in touch with all the other band members, quickly. This can mean several phone calls to different band members and after a lot of time and effort, you may still be no nearer to confirming the gig. Sometimes this means losing the work as you can’t get back to them in time.

Instead, why not simply add the event once to BandDiary, and let the system do the hard work?

BandDiary will instantly send out emails to all your band members allowing them to respond when it's convenient for them.

Once the system has received all the responses, it sends out a further email to confirm or decline the event so everyone knows what's happening.

Of course, BandDiary doesn't just send out emails – It's stores all your  gigs, all the available dates of your band members (and their other commitments), all your proposed song choices as well as all of your rehearsals and studio time, all in the palm of your hand!

Plus, any band members that own iPhones, can view the new events from the BandDiary homepage and respond using the "Quick Vote" system.

Perhaps they have a gig of their own, or perhaps they think it's time for a rehearsal - they too can input it through BandDiary on their iPhone.

If a band member hasn't got an iPhone, it’s no problem. They can visit www.groupdiary.co.uk, log into their personal diary account*, and add the gig there.

BandDiary does all the hard work, leaving you free to do what you do best – Entertain!

If it could, BandDiary would pack down for you and even get the drinks in!


*A band account and its members can only be set up through the BandDiary iPhone App